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The Collector strikes again...

The latest shots from The Collector series are up on the dedicated 'www.the-collector.net' site and these ones are even more disturbing than the last!!! Matt, Danielle and Kayleigh really pulled this one out of the bag, and Gemma really made it work with some amazing special effects. Check out the site for more from this series.

Elle Beth in the Box

Tonight we got to work with wonderfully talented travelling model from London called Elle Beth. Elle is very experienced and this really showed through when working with her, some of the shapes and forms we got for the Box series really set these shots out there as some of the best in this series.

Sinful Behavior with Suzanne!

We can't get enough of Suzanne, she is back for some Sinful behavior in the SinCity series we are working on and as usual she really give it her everything. If you ever get the opportunity to work with her you should, you wont be disappointed.

Lorian Leal's test shoot

A long time friend of the studio Peter brought a friend of his, Lorian to the studio tonight for a test shoot and Carl took a few shots to see where we could make use of her. It is always nice to meet new folks and get to work with new people and we hope to work with Lorian soon.

Eddie's shoot

Eddie Kavanagh of Palmerstown Camera Club was organizing an outdoor shoot in the woods just up the road from the Studio so Carl went along to help carry and hold lighting. He brought along a lovely new model called Grace and we stole one sneaky shot while no one was looking! Thanks for letting us tag along.

Roswell Ivory's box shoot

Tonight we had the great pleasure of working with a very established touring model from the UK, Roswell Ivory. Roswell came in to do some of the Box shots with us and her posing and dedication to getting the shot done were second to none. We got some very exciting shapes and poses that we had not seen before and this is was a great way to start to bring this series to an end.

Helen's second box shoot

Helen got in touch and wanted to do some more of the SinCity and Box shots so we jumped at the chance to work with her again. Carl had just bought a new SX70 Polaroid Land Camera from the late 60's so we shot off some of these as well which was a lot of fun.

Louis's Sinful Behavior!

A couple of days ago Carl and Maik went to a new Camera Club meeting and met the lovey Louis. She was fantastic to work with and we knew we wanted to get her involved in this series. She really got what we were trying to do and we are very happy with the shots.

Nicole's SinCity shoot

The stunning Nicole came in for one of the SinCity shoots and she really nailed it, we had a lot of fun shooting these ones and we really hope to get to work more with Nicole in the future.

Merrin's SinCity shoot

Merrin is back in with all her fingers intact this time! When the SinCity series started we knew we had to get her in for one of these and we were not disappointed, she really embodies what these shots are all about.

~The Collector~ is back with Merrin

The Collector is back for the latest in the series so far and this time he has a taste for fingers! Merrin and Matt with Gemma on Makeup really gave everything for this shot, this is by far one of the most challenging ones so far!

Aoife is in for SinFul behavior

Aoife joined us tonight for the first time for one of the SIn City shots and one of the box shots and we were delighted to get to work with her. She managed to pull of some very strong and confident poses in the box that were really impressive.

~The Collector~ is back with Helen

The Collector is back for the latest in the series so far and this time he has a taste for eyes! Helen and Matt with Gemma on Makeup really pulled this one together and this series is really starting to take shape now!

Sunful Behavior from Bekah

The lovely Bekah is back in with us for another of the SinCity inspired shots and she was amazing. This series is taking on a life of its own and the shots are really starting to work out. We have a bunch more of these planned for the next week or two!

~The Collector~ The start of a new series

The amazingly multi-talented Matt from Chunk.ie joined us for the fist shot of a new series called ~The Collector~ and we are absolutely blown away with the potential of these shots! Gemma from Forget Me Not makeup and Hayley who was in recently for the Box Series really stepped up to the mark and got behind where we were going with this one. Carl and Jon had been working away on the set and the morgue for weeks and today was the unavailing. We are really pleased with these and the next shoot is already booked in for next week so stay tuned!

Sinful Behavior with Alia

The lovely Alia joins us tonight for another of the SinCity shoots and she did not disappoint us with her commitment to getting this one right. We are really pleased with the way these have turned out and I think there will be plenty more of them to come!

Sinful Behavior with Helen

The SinCity shoots are a whole lot of fun that we didn't expect. From winning a bid on eBay for a set of genuine 1970's chaps to shooting a whole new mini series was never in the timeline. We have so much to fit into this summer and the calender is already packed that fitting in a bunch of new shoots is never easy, but these shots have turned out so well, and the models involved like Helen in this one have gotten behind them to produce some fantastic work that we need to find space for them somewhere!

More Sinful Behavior with Naomi

We had the lovely Naomi in again today for some more Sinful Behavior. We had so much fun with Danielle last week doing the Sin City shoot that we decided to do a few more of them. Naomi was the perfect choice for this one and we love where these new shots are going.

Christie Gabriel's Box shot

We were very pleased to get to work with the stunning Christie Gabriel while she was visiting Ireland from the US. Christie has been published in some of the biggest named magazines out there and has worked with some of the best in the business so it was amazing to get to work with her.