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Eddie out in the mountains with Suzanne

Eddie Kavanagh and Suzanne Moran had been planning an outside shoot before the weather got ridiculously cold and Carl went along to help out. We ended up in one of Pig Face and Zig Zag's favorite burial places and surprisingly enough the weather was lovely!

Kayleigh C in the Box!

Today we had the great pleasure of working with Kayleigh C all the way from Galway on her Birthday! We had been talking for a long time so it was great to finally get her over to shoot!

Helen and Eddie Kavanagh in the studio

The very talented Eddie Kavanagh was in the studio working with Helen today and Carl was there to help out and take a few shots. It is always a pleasure to work with two very talented people. The shot below is on loan from Eddie.

Nurse Bekah

Bekah is back in for one of the Nurse shots and she never fails to impress. We hope to see a lot more of Bekah over the coming months.

Nurse Kayleigh

Continuing on in the Nurse series we had the lovely Kayleigh back in after being out of the studio for a while. It is always a pleasure to work with Kayleigh and her shots are always stunning.

Nurse Siofradh

Siofradh got in touch as asked about the mini nurse series that seems to have come out of nowhere so we could not say no. We first worked with Siofradh on the Box series and she has always been on the list to get back in when something suitable came up again.

Helen and Aofie

We worked with Aoife a little while ago on the Sin City Series and she got in touch to ask if she could do a box shot with Helen. We loved the idea and the shots speak for themselves, this shoot was a lot of fun.

Nurse Steph

It would seem everyone wants to be a nurse and there is no one better to play a sultry nurse than Steph. We have worked with Steph several times now and it is hard not to get stunning images with her, she really does not hold back and gives everything to the final image.

Elle Beth is back!

The stunning Elle Beth is back with us again, she had a little bit of time to spare on her current tour and we jumped at the chance to work with her again.

Jade in the Box

Tonight we got to work with the lovely Jade. It was the first time Carl had worked with her, she was in with Maik earlier in the year and we knew we had to get her in for some of the box shots. Hopefully it will not be too long before we get her back in again.