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More Sinful Behavior with Naomi

We had the lovely Naomi in again today for some more Sinful Behavior. We had so much fun with Danielle last week doing the Sin City shoot that we decided to do a few more of them. Naomi was the perfect choice for this one and we love where these new shots are going.

Christie Gabriel's Box shot

We were very pleased to get to work with the stunning Christie Gabriel while she was visiting Ireland from the US. Christie has been published in some of the biggest named magazines out there and has worked with some of the best in the business so it was amazing to get to work with her.

Sinful City with Danielle Marie Christie

Today we got to do something we have wanted to do for a while, we did a Sin City inspired shoot with the lovely Danielle Marie Christie. This brought together some really cool aspects from processing to pose and lighting. This was a lot of fun and Dannie was fantastic as usual.

Clonakilty Rally

Something a little different for us, we ended up at the Rally in Clonakilty Co. Cork for the weekend. The weather was stunning and the Rally was really good this year winding its way through some of the best countryside in the county.

Polly's Box Shot

Polly is new to Modelling but we expect to see a lot more of her over the coming months. We had the pleasure of working with her on the Box series tonight and the shots turned out really nicely.

Rachael and Biggie

Rachel was looking for someone to shoot her and Biggie a huge python snake so we volunteered! This was not the first time we had a snake in the studio, a couple of years ago for the Carnival Series we shot the same type snake so we know what we were letting ourselves in for!

Raphaella's Box Shoot

Raphaella was back in town for a workshop and we stole her for a few hours in the evening for the box project. It never ceases to amaze me how versatile Raphaella is and how many different looks she can pull off in a single shoot. We love working with her and we can't wait to have her in again soon.

My Bloody Valentine

Eddie Kavanagh from Palmerstown Camera Club contacted Carl about an idea he had for a shoot and considering it was valentines weekend and it involved a heart we jumped at the idea to get involved. Eddie is working on a series of shots for his IPF A panel and wanted to have a go a shot that was a little darker and more along the lines of what Carl shoots so they got to planning. Carl enlisted Belle de Faux for Model and Makeup and got the lovely Suzanne Moran back in to play our baddie and the 'Bloody Valentine' shot came to life. Thanks to Eddie for letting us be part of this shoot.

Baz's vagranttoroyalty.com shoot

Baz Black asked us to do a shoot for him and vagranttoroyalty.com and we could not say no! The filming of Penny Dreadful had just finished up in the studio so we got to use their backdrops and set before they tore it all down. Check out vagranttoroyalty.com for more or their clothing and images.

Bekah's Box Shoot

We first noticed Bekah almost two years ago to this month. She popped up on Model Mayhem and we had to say hello and see if she would come shoot with us, but unfortunately she was only 16 at the time so the last thing we said was 'touch base with us in two years time!'. It is amazing how quick time goes by because two years later we got a mail, and here is our 18 year old Bekah in the box shots! Bekah is an absolute natural and we will be seeing a lot more of her if she is happy to come back to us!

Spunky Gore's Box Shoot

We have worked with Spunky for years since she moved to Ireland from Italy but now she is moving on and we had to get her in one last time. Spunky is leaving us to move to Berlin and this is her last shoot before she goes. To say Spunky has an extensive and 'odd' lingerie wardrobe is an understatement so when she turned up with a leather tail we didn't even bat an eyelid! Best of luck in your travels, we will miss working with you.

Penny Dreadful

We had some excitement this week and some very special guests! The new TV series with Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Billy Piper Penny Dreadful was filmed in our studio all week. We were not allowed to say anything but now it is over we can show you a few shots!

Deirdre's Box Shot

Can you believe it was nearly 5 years ago when we first met Deirdre for the Carnival series and since that she has been in nearly every major series we have ever worked on... There are only one or two models that are that versatile and adaptable. As always a pleasure to work with and the shots are fantastic.

Shannon Walsh's Box Shot

Shannon is a new model to the scene and tonight with Carl it was her first studio shoot. Carl worked with her for the box series and the shots really speak for themselves. Shannon's look is strong confident and we think she is a natural. We really hope to have her back in again soon so we can work a little more with her, perhaps on the light leak series.

Helen and Holly

Helen and Sarah had a very special project on today. Helen brought her daughter Holly in and Sarah was in her element playing and shooting her. Carl stole one quick shot at the very end but getting a three year old to stand still is an art form! This is the first and only time we have had anyone under 18 in the studio!

Síofradh's Box Shoot

Sarah was working with the fantastic Síofradh tonight and Carl stole a shot for his Box series again! Síofradh is relatively new to the scene but we think she has a big future, her confidence and experience shine through and the final shots speak for themselves.

Suzane Moran's Box Shot

We had the great pleasure of working with the very talented Suzanne Moran tonight. Suzanne has been modelling for a long time and her experience really shows, we are just waiting for an opportunity to work with her again!