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Helen in the rain

In one month it will be two short years since we first met Helen O'Brien with Effy. On the 16th of September 2012 she walked into the studio terrified and unsure of herself but we knew then that she was something special and we have lost count of the amount of times we have had her back since that day. We tried some very technically difficult shots with water and some very challenging cold conditions for Helen and nothing phased her. If you are looking to work with a true professional you should make an effort to work with Helen at least once, you will not be disappointed. These shots are without a doubt the best work I have seen of Helen's so far.

Jennie x 2!

We couldn't take the chance that Jennie would disappear again so we took advantage of her being available to bring her back in again for some lightscape work. As always is was a real pleasure to work with her and the shots from this shoot were absolutely fantastic.

Belle is back from a short break

After nearly a years break we are delighted to have Belle De Faux back in with us for one of the Sin City shots. Belle is a true professional and we missed having her as part of the studio, hopefully it will not be too long before we can convince her to make another appearance...

Steph's light leak shots

Steph is fast becoming a regular at this stage and there is a reason for that, she is absolutely fantastic to work with. We were working through some new lighting setups tonight for the Light Leak series and Steph came in to give us a hand. Every now and then you need to step back and try something new or in this case, something very old (a very old style of photography where you deliberately allow light to leak into the sensor). The results can be very unpredictable bu they can also be fantastic and when you have a great model it is hard to take a bad shot!

The Collector is back!

Things got a little messy again this weekend with the latest appearance of The Collector. Matt, Trish and Gemma really pulled it out of the bag this week with the latest collection of skin for Mommy's new dress! Keep in touch for some exciting Collector news soon...

Jennie is back!

After a couple of years absence Jennie is back! We worked a lot with Jennie over the years and we are very happy to get her back in to work with us on one of the Box shots, it is always a pleasure to get to shoot with her.

Eddie and Grace

A good friend of the studio Eddie Kavanagh from Palmerstown Camera Club was in tonight with his model Grace Murray and Carl managed to steal a couple of shots when they were finished. It was great to get to work with them and we hope to have the back over again soon.

Rosie Road Trip to Kilcoole

We had our fist official Rosie Road trip of the summer today. We got Helen out of bed at the crack of dawn and did a sunrise shoot down on the beach in Kilcoole, it is amazing how warm it is even at that time of the day and it never ceases to amaze me how many people come out of the long grass at 5AM when there is a naked girl on the beach!

The Collector strikes again...

The latest shots from The Collector series are up on the dedicated 'www.the-collector.net' site and these ones are even more disturbing than the last!!! Matt, Danielle and Kayleigh really pulled this one out of the bag, and Gemma really made it work with some amazing special effects. Check out the site for more from this series.

Elle Beth in the Box

Tonight we got to work with wonderfully talented travelling model from London called Elle Beth. Elle is very experienced and this really showed through when working with her, some of the shapes and forms we got for the Box series really set these shots out there as some of the best in this series.

Sinful Behavior with Suzanne!

We can't get enough of Suzanne, she is back for some Sinful behavior in the SinCity series we are working on and as usual she really give it her everything. If you ever get the opportunity to work with her you should, you wont be disappointed.

Lorian Leal's test shoot

A long time friend of the studio Peter brought a friend of his, Lorian to the studio tonight for a test shoot and Carl took a few shots to see where we could make use of her. It is always nice to meet new folks and get to work with new people and we hope to work with Lorian soon.

Eddie's shoot

Eddie Kavanagh of Palmerstown Camera Club was organizing an outdoor shoot in the woods just up the road from the Studio so Carl went along to help carry and hold lighting. He brought along a lovely new model called Grace and we stole one sneaky shot while no one was looking! Thanks for letting us tag along.